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Heroes Mens organization is a nonprofit working to support men in their
daily life through mentorship, support ,and education. Our end goal is to
give men the tools and strategies they need to nurture and support
their families as heroes. For this purpose our goal is to instruct, assist ,
and support men to be a positive example for the family and society.
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Helping - Encouragement - Relationships - Ownership - Edification - Sustain ability
HEROES Support group was organized in early 2008 in
Vacaville CA. This group was created primarily to
address the needs and concerns of the men who
reside in Solano County. Pastor Willie Graham is
the founder of our group and our guiding
principles are based on his vision for the group.

Our goal  is to empower men to become heroes to
their families and in their communities. We are
committed to helping the citizens of Solano County
obtain the skills and resources necessary to
provide their families with a safe nurturing
environments that promote healthy lifestyles and
intolerance toward family and domestic violence.

Heroes conducts events which further our vision
and goals to provide resources and education for
In the past year HEROES has conducted
conferences which addressed issues on Youth
Gangs, Family and Domestic Violence, Child
Abuse, the Mortgage Crisis, and Mens Wellness.

In August of 2008 HEROES recognized 30 young
men who had demonstrated positive attributes and
or conducted themselves in ways that were worthy
of being identified as heroic achievements. The
attributes and actions of these individuals were
recognized for demonstrating the commitment to
their families at the highest level. These
individuals were recognized by the Solano Board
of Supervisors and the key note speaker was  late
Councilman Matt Garcia.
Photos from the Family
Wellness event
Solano Dept of Public Health
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La Clinica Vallejo
Preventing and
addressing child abuse
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Solano County Men.
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Heroes works with local private and
governmental agencies as a resource for those
in need. Our members work to provide support
with family issues, employment guidance and a
referral service for those seek support. We are
looking for members who feel the need to give
back to the community in which we live.
Heroes of Solano Current Members

Pastor Willie Graham         Vacaville
Pastor Tim May                  Vacaville
Dr. Ron Chapman              Vacaville
Daniel Lamons                   Vallejo / Benicia
Vic Perry                            Vacaville/Dixon
Andre Santana RN             Vacaville
Rev. Sammie Shaver          Vacaville
Rev. Ollis Carver,M.S.        Vallejo/Benicia
Noel Vargas                        Vacaville
Rev. Elias Haynes               Fairfield
Billy Moore                          Fairfield/Suisun/Rio      
Dr. Michael Stacey              Fairfield
Pastor Vic Russell               Vacaville
Minister Harry Mims             Vacaville
Rev. Edric Dennis                Vacaville
Pastor L.C. Wyatt                Vacaville

Young Heroes
Alumni Quentin Carver        Vallejo
Alumni Cameron Johnson    Fairfield
Alumni Brian Edwards           Vallejo
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Upcoming Training Dates:
June 30, 2012
    10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Where: CBLF 1201 Marshall Rd.
Vacaville, CA